The first store in Laona was owned by Mr. Delameter and was Laona’s first post office.  Mr. Delameter also built the first school.

The first doctor in Laona was Dr. Lockner, and Mrs. Robert Antis was supposedly the first white woman in the vicinity.  Laona was named after the first white child in the vicinity, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Johnson.

Mr. Harris was the first timber cruiser for Connors.  The first logging for the hardwood mill was done in 1899 and the first sawing was in 1901.

The first principals of the high school were A.A. Trojan, Paul Braun and C. Boult. 

The first minister of the Presbyterian church built in 1904 was C.F. Giger.

Andrew Larson and Lindy Kirkpatrick were the first persons buried in the cemetery that was located on the site of the Lutheran church.

Bill Trainer was the first Town Chairman.

The Laona School Forest is the first to be continued for 50 years.  It also was the first school forest in Wisconsin and the United Stated.

Herman and Alice Lang were the first persons to be married in the Lutheran church.

The first recorded baptisms in the First United Presbyterian church on Linden Street, were Charles Vernters, Verlin Snowden, Fay Lutz and Ida Lewis.  They were baptized by Reverend Wilson in 1904.

The first Catholic church of Laona was completed in 1903.  It was named St. Leonard’s Catholic church after Leonard Sargent, the person who was mostly responsible for its construction.

The first bank was built in 1913 by Peter Hoffman.  It was located across from the high school.  John S. Kissinger was the first president and cashier.

~ End of Story ~

Forest County’s Early History - Some Firsts in Forest County
(Taken from the Forest Republican – October 17, 1985 by Gwinn Johnson)