Mr. Jerry Godin, formerly of Stevens Point, came to Laona in 1913.  He worked for $1 a day, for ten hours, in the basement of the hotel.  He then worked for Connor's where he continued to work for forty-eight years.  His starting pay was $1.30 a day.

Because of his long asociation with the town, Mr. Godin was able to tell us quite a few interesting facts about Laona:

- There were eight to ten houses located near the water tower.
- Twelve to fifteen houses were in a section of town (west) near the mill called Piggsville.
- Near the Lutheran Church were two rows of two-room houses called the Chicken Coop.
- Alderton's Bar was located where the Cafe is now.  Farther down was Roseman's Restuarant & W.D. Connor's house.
- A hospital was situated where Doctor Castaldo's house is now.  After it burned down, the hospital was put in its
  present location.
- Connor's train would run through to the junction two times a week.  The cost of the ride was 25 cents.
- The Edith Evans Library was built in 1917.  Mr. Godin was the first person to check a book out of the library.
- Almost everyone in town useda stove - with wood as the fuel - to heat their homes.  The only person
  (as far as Mr. Godin knew) with a furnace was Mr. Joe Denee.
- Today the bank employs quite a few people, years ago, the bank had only one employee.
- At Connor's Company Farm, the building where the store is located is supposedly the town's oldest building.  Though
  it's been renovated, many years ago it held first a meat market and then was the printing office for the newspaper.
- The old Community Building (replaced by the new bank) was once a CCC Camp building.  It was moved here for
  the town's use.
- A home called the Tin House sat behind Connor's Store.  The building was torn down during the 1930's.

~  End of Story  ~
   Interview with Jerry Godin
from the 1980 research project  "Memories of Forest County".