Laona Churches
St. Leonards Catholic Church - Laona, Wisconsin built 1902 and destroyed by fire in 1936.                                                                         Listle Family Postcard
St. Leonard's Catholic Church - Laona, WI

One June 14, 1902, lots 15, 16 & 17 of block B of the Connor Lumber and Land Company were purchased for the consideration of $1.00 with the stipulation a church must be erected on that property within three years.

The first Catholic Church services were held in Sargent's dining room by Father John A. Bourgemeyer in 1903.

With donations of materials from the Connor Company and many community members providing labor, a Catholic church was erected in 1903.  Local resident, Leonard Sargent, was a major organizer of this effort and  St. Leonard's was named in honor of him.  A rectory was built in 1911 at a cost of $2,500.

In January of 1936 the church burned and it was replaced by the current brick and stone building costing $24,000.
Information gathered from the research project,
Memories of Forest County.
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St. Leonard's Church - 1908.                                        Sturzl Family Photo
St. Leonard's Catholic Church - Laona, Wisconsin was built in 1936-37.                                                                                                           Irish Famil y Postcard
First United Presbyterian Church - Laona, Wisconsin was completed in 1906.                         Photo from the research project  "Memories of Forest County".