Laona Entertainment
Sargent's Concert Band - Laona, Wisconsin circa 1908.                                                                                   Sarrasin-Lambert Family Photo
1. ____________,  2. Frank Bohman,  3. Jake Ottinger,  4. Louis Welsch,  5. Attam Ottinger,  6. Emil Wagoner,  7. Joe Sturzl, 
       8. Leonard F. Sargent Jr.,  9. Dave Truckey,  10. Sam Burden.
Sargent Opera House Band circa 1911.                                                                                                                         Sturzl Family Photo  
Cast of the musical comedy "Brookdale Farm" - 1910.                                                                                                                                              Carter Family Photo
  The following article was taken from the Forest   
  Republican, Friday, March 4, 1910.    
  Crandon Amateurs at Laona.
  The Brookdale Farm Company played to a $65.00 house
  at Laona Sunday evening.  The company feels under
  obligation to the people of Laona, and especially to
  manager Sargent of the opera house.

  The following Crandon people drove over and took in the
  show. Misses Eugenia Webb, Marie Schenk, Myrtle
  Gifford, Alice Brennan, Marie Thompson, Nellie Frawley
  and Josephine Pragge, Messers. John Pierce, H. Pierce,
  John Kuss, Geo Gifford, Ray Walrath, Frank Lily, Dan
  Walrath and Willis Webb.

Sargent Opera House Band - Laona WI circa 1905.     Sargent Family  Photo        1. Nellie (Hughes) Sargent, 2.  Unknown, 3.  Unknown,  4. Len Sargent Jr.,
     5. Unknown     
Band - Laona, Wisconsin circa 1920                                                                                                                                Irish Family Photo 
Womanless Wedding - Laona, WI
A play featuring community  members presented April 23 & 24, 1928.