Laona & Northern - Griff Milham, brakeman - John Russell, engineer and Paul Deau, fireman.                                                                         Irish Family Photo
South Bound Train - Laona, Wisconsin 1912.                                                                                                                                                           Sargent Family Photo
Laona & Northern - Crew with Shay (Dinky) Engine circa 1910.                                                                                                                               Carter Family Photo
          1. Unknown       2. Len F. Sargent  3. John Sturzl Sr.   4. Unknown      5. Unknown     6. Tony Scheisel    7. Leon Webb Sr.
C&NW Train Station - Laona, Wisconsin circa 1910.
                                                                                                  Ed Selinski Photo
Laona & Northern engine at Connor Mill prior to 1908.  Laona, Wisconsin                                                                        Sturzl Family Photo
Chicago & Northwestern Depot - Laona, Wisconsin circa 1909.  
                                                                                        Sturzl Family Photo 
Click here to view the Laona & Northern's Silver Lake Branch Map
  News Item - June 1912
  Mrs. Simonis was returning home from Laona, on a motor car that makes
  regular trips to the two places, when as the car rounded a curve in the track,
  another was seen approaching in the opposite direction. As both were going
  at a good rate of speed, to stop was impossible and the occupants saw that
  jumping was their only means of escape.  All but Mrs. Simonis got off the
  car in safety, but she was thrown violently to the ground when her clothing
  caught in the car. 
  The injuries she sustained caused much suffering and death came as a great
  relief.  Mrs. Simonis was about thirty years of age and is survived by her
  husband and five small children. 

Laona & Northern - 1.Chet Irish,  2. John Russell, engineer and 3. Paul Deau?, fireman.                                                         Irish Family Photo
  Laona Railroads 
       Photo from the research project  "Memories of Forest County".
Chicago & Northwestern Depot - Laona, Wisconsin - 1908.                                                                                                                                Stauber Family Photo
Loading Dozer at Connors Camp 36 West of Laona - circa 1935-40.                                                                                                                     Irish Family Photo
June 23, 1929 from the Sheboygan Press
October 10, 1905 from the Daily Tribune - Eau Claire, WI
January 12, 1932 from the Sheboygan Press.
C&NW Train Station - Laona, WI - Motor car 9911 as Train 517 northbound 1940.                                                                                                                                             Eric C. Swanson Photo 
Laona & Northern Steam Shovel and Operators - 1911.                                                                                                                                      Sargent Family Photo
Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh) June 5, 1902.
Laona & Northern circa 1914.                                                                                                                        Photo from the book "A Century with Connor Timber"  
Laona & Northern circa 1914.                                                                                                                        Photo from the book "A Century with Connor Timber"   .

Head for Laona and climb aboard the famed Lumberjack Steam Train for a journey into the late 1800's as the vintage steam engine takes you to an actual site of a Northwoods logging camp.  The “4-spot” Steam Locomotive was built in 1916 by the Vulcan Iron Works in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.  It was purchased September 22, 1926 and was brought to Laona for use in the logging industry.  Board the Lumberjack Steam Train at the 1880’s Soo Line Depot, located 1/4 mile West of the junction of Highways 8 and 32 on Highway 8.  Inside the depot, tickets can be purchased for the train ride, just as people did at the turn of the century.   For more information visit
Take a trip back in time with a ride on a vintage steam train......... 
Experience a
       part of Laona's
               early history ...
Laona & Northern 3-Spot Engine                                                                                                                                             Photo: Camp Five Museum Foundation