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Skidding and Transporting
1909 photo of Bert ?? with his oxen.                                                                                                                                                                                 Irish Family Photo
Skidding large white pine log near Connor's Camp 36 west of Laona, WI.
                                                                                                             Irish Family Photo
Hauling Logs by Truck circa 1940                                                                                             Photo from the Laona Golden Jubilee Booklet
Connor' s First Log Truck - February 24, 1928.                                                                                                                                                          Sturzl Family Photo
1926 Ford Model-T log truck owned by Chet Irish.  Photo taken 1929 at a logging job in Starks Settlement.                                                    Irish Family Photo
Shown on load from left to right Peter Betker, Harry Koskie and John Betker.  Driver is Chet Irish.
Train hauling logs at Connor's Camp 36 west of Laona.                                                                                                                                           Irish Family Photo
Laona & Northern Railroad loading logs at Starks Landing - Starks Settlement circa 1925.                                                                               Irish Family Photo
Laona & Northern Log Train circa 1915.                                                                                                                            Forest Republican Photo - June 22, 1972
C.W. Jones Company Phoenix Hauler.                                                                                                              Photo - Mike Monte Collection
Load of Logs at Connor's Camp 14 circa 1911.       Sturzl Family Photo
Logging near Laona circa 1908.                                Sturzl Family Photo
3830 board feet on this load.  
(above) Logs being loaded on train cars.

(left) Harold Irish Skidding logs circa 1938.

(right) John Irish loading logs circa 1937.

                                        Irish Family Photos