Decide on Question of Federal Forests
Ironwood Daily Globe – Wednesday February 15, 1928 (Associated Press)

Crandon, WIThe Forest County board, meeting Tuesday voted to submit the question of establishing a federal forest in the county to
the resident taxpayers at the April election.  The action was taken on the motion of W.D. Connor, Jr., chairman of the Town of Laona, site
of the Connor Lumber and Land Company.

The Board was unanimous in its opinion that the county wants a forest of some kind and that it realized the menace of delinquent cut-over
lands.  Members of the Board who are in direct contact with situation, however failed to approve of the federal forest plan whereby the
county will receive 25 per cent of the gross revenue of timber cut on the reforested lands.

On the other hand, advocates of the federal forest plan deemed delinquent land of no use to the county.

Mr. Connor suggested that the forest crop law be extended to all cut-over lands to be taken over from the county and reforested by the
state.  The plan would call for payment of ten cents per acre each year by the state to the county.

Members of the Board said they had been swamped with protests made by their constituents, against the federal plan.  They declared that
farmers and business men who saw 140,000 acres about to be taken off the tax rolls realized that the burden of carrying on the business
of the county would fall on the taxpayers.

Forest County Going Into Oil Prospecting
Ironwood Daily Globe – February 2, 1930 (Associated Press)

Crandon, WI – Despite repeated statements of state geologists there is no oil in Wisconsin, Forest County is going into the oil prospecting

The county board yesterday, while admitting the venture was “Wildcat”, authorized the county treasurer to lease lands near the Town of
Hiles to the Wisconsin Oil and Development Company.

Under the contract, the company agrees to give one-eighth of receipts to the county should oil or gas be found.

Miscellaneous Actions of the Forest County Board