November 16, 1899 from the Forest Republican
      - John Hughes of Wabeno was over yesterday to get legal advice in regard to his homestead near Laona.

May 3, 1900 from the Forest Republican 
- John M. Anderson was at Laona last week.  He went over to look for a team, but decided not to purchase.  John was not greatly
       prepossessed with the new town, but probably that is because John is very partial to Crandon and has not lived in a saloon town for a
great many years.  Laona will probably grow to be quite a nice town, provided her citizens do not make the mistake that some other Forest
County villages have made, that is in trying to build herself up by pulling other towns down.  That pohey never pays, either for an individual
or a community.  Let each village stand upon its own merits and work with all other villages in trying to build up and develop the country.
Then and only then will there be any success.

January 10, 1901 from the Forest Republican
       - George Venter has located at Laona having driven from Bryant with his goods. 
       - Albert Schuette of Connor's Mill has brought his wife from Stratford and occupies the house vacated by Sam Spencer.

February 21, 1901 from the Forest Republican
       - A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Starks of Laona, January 31st.
       - Logs still continue to "roll" along the line.  Many are shipped out on the trains.  Every mill is getting a good supply.

April 25, 1901 from the Forest Republican
       - Elihue Snow of Bryant has moved his family to Laona.  This addition gives Laona a total of six families from Bryant.
       - The dam at Laona has caused the water to flood the county road in two or three places.  One place is impassable for teams.
       - The big mill in Laona commenced operations last week.  Sam Smith, Supt. of Connor's mill, caught one finger in a live roll the first day
       the mill ran. Mr. Smith went to Marshfield to have the wound dressed.  He may loose the finger.
       - Two yoke of oxen belonging to the Connor Company and Mr. Keiffer's cow wandered away last week and were found in mud lake. 
       They tried to cross the ice on a logging road, the ice was not strong enough to hold them and they were all drowned.

May 2, 1901 from the Forest Republican
       - W.L. Harris is in Laona surveying for the Connor Company.
       - Elihue Snow has begun to build a large store in Laona.
       - Gus Lambrecht, who has been foreman of the Laona section since the road opened, has resigned his position.  The new foreman
       comes from the Suring section.

May 30, 1901 from the Forest Republican 
- J.F. Hooper, our district attorney, had a very exciting experience last week.  He was walking from Crandon to Laona and made good
      progress until he reached the mill pond.  The flood caused by the dam has not received attention and Mr. Hooper found it impossible to
      proceed as the water was several feet deep on the road.  In attempting to get around the obstacle he became lost in the swamp and
      wandered for four hours in an attempt to reach Laona.  Someone fishing in Silver Lake heard his call for help but were unable to locate
      him.  Finally he located some sounds in the village and found his way out near the Laona school house. This case is directly the result
      of the bad condition of this main highway; the condition of the road has been reported repeatedly and other town and county officers
      have been inconvenienced.  We trust that immediate steps will be taken to remedy this evil.
- The Indiana Lumber Company has been granted a post-office.  The new name will be Padus.  It was suggested by Mr. Muir and is a
      Latin name of a river in Italy. In choosing the name one of the firm was impressed by the fact as he put it: "We will know in a few years
      whether it Pa(i)d-us to come up here," and the name was immediately chosen.

June 19, 1902 from the Forest Republican
      - C.S. Pierce came across the county from Laona last week with Sheriff McInnis, going out to Pelican Lake by train the same afternoon. 
      He considers the Crandon-Laona road as a very important highway in Forest county and soon to be heavily traveled. The county board
      has arranged to put $2,000 upon this road this summer.

July 31, 1902 from the Forest Republican (Laona News)
       -It is reported that the work of surveying a through route on this branch of the Chicago & Northwestern Rail Road is being rapidly effected.

January 29, 1903 from the Forest Republican  (County Board Meeting Notes)
      - The first meeting of said town of Laona shall be held on the first Tuesday in April 1903 at Sargent's hall at Laona, located on the
      south-west quarter of section thirty (30) in township thirty-six (36) north of range fifteen (15) east.  The said town of Laona shall be
      entitled to access to all records, books, bills, papers, ordinances and proceedings for the purpose of making and taking copies
      thereof of the said old town of Wabeno.

February 19, 1903 from the Forest Republican.
- Senator Riordan has introduced the bills to create the new towns of Hiles and Laona in Forest County.

January 21, 1904 from the Forest Republican
      - W.D. Connor is extending his railway west from Laona; the grade will soon be put in as far as section 34-35-14, which is nine or ten miles
      east of Crandon.  Mr. Connor will, in the near future, also run a railway southeast from Laona to connect with the Milwaukee road; he is
      building a new mill this winter over in range 16, which is to be on the proposed line of railway.  Connor is certainly a hustler, and his pace
      might well be imitated by some other rich men, for the good of this upper country.  

March 10, 1904 from the Forest Republican
      - The loggers are finishing up their work rapidly now.  Some of the camps have broken up and others will do so within a few days. The
      sleighing has been very poor this winter. The snow has been so dry and loads have pulled hard.  The poor horses will doubtless be glad
      that spring is coming.

March 31, 1904 from the Forest Republican
      - Chet Starks and son John came over from Laona Tuesday to purchase a new wagon which they took home with them.  Mr. Starks is in
      the employ of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway Company, on the capacity of surveyor.  

November 17, 1904 from the Forest Republican
      - C.W. Stampler while hunting with his father-in-law J.C. Stacy on the Rat river was fortunate enough to shoot a white deer last week.  This
      is the second white deer ever killed in this county, to our knowledge, though there may have been others which we have never heard of;
      but at any rate a white deer is a rare article, and this one will undoubtedly, if rightly handled, bring a large sum of money.

February 7, 1905 from the Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh)
- Delegations from Forest county having as their object creation of a new county from portions of Oconto, Marinette and Forest are busily
engaged at Madison in trying to bring the lamakers to their way of thinking.  Crandon, the present seat of Forest county, is against the
proposed move, which would lessen its prestige.  If the new district is formed Wabeno is likley to be chosen the county seat, the Laona
contingent having agreed to that if a new county can be secured.

December 24, 1914 from The Eau Claire Leader
- Grand Rapids – Heavy snow in the woods, together with a plentiful supply of labor at moderate wages, promise to make this logging
season one of the biggest for many years.  The R. Connor Company, with mills at Stratford and Laona, will have big crews at both places
making ice roads, rollways and swamping.  The Bissel-Wheeler Company, has several camps on one of the upper counties and has
figures set for a 3,000,000 cut.  The Marshfield Stave Company is in the market for bolts.  The Roddis Lumber and Veneer Company that
annually cuts into veneer from 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 feet of logs has been out hustling for their next season’s supply. 

June 6, 1917 from The Gazette (Stevens Point).
- Following remarks in which he is said to have attempted to discourage enlistments by telling applicants they were “fools to make cannon
fodder of themselves,” Dr. Hugo Miller of Laona, Wisconsin, employed as a government physician on an Indian reservation, was seized by
citizens of Wabeno, thrown into the river, hauled out again and forced to march at the head of a parade through the center of town carrying
an American flag.

October 2, 1918 from the Stevens Point Gazette.
- Mr. and Mrs. Thad Kazmierczak were down from Junction City Monday.  They expect to leave that village this week and go to Laona to
make their future home.  Mr. Kazmierczak has been associated with his brother-in-law, John Katzor, at Junction City in the cattle and
hide buying business and expects to engage in the same line at Laona.

April 27, 1922 from the Forest Republican.
- Ernest Wynn and family are making arrangements to move back to their farm in the Town of Laona.
- Laona now boasts of having two milk routes.  George Freeman began operating one last week.  The Hansen's have very satisfactorily
operated a route for about twenty years, but the village has grown beyond the expectations of everyone and it is apparent that both dairy's
will be taxed to their capacity.
- Frank Lonier and family are preparing to move onto their farm situated in the Town of Laona near Padus.
- Chairman Irish tells us that at the meeting of the County Board an appropriation of $10,000 was made for construction work on the Laona
and Laona Jct. highway.

July 16, 1922 from the Eau Claire Leader.
- Laona – While trying to save the life of S. Richards, 14 year old Boy Scout, from drowning here last night, Rev. Sherwin, local
      Presbyterian minister, lost his life in the attempt.
      - Young Richards had gone further than any of his companions while swimming in Birch lake when he was seized with an attack of cramps.
He disappeared.  When he did not immediately reappear, Rev. Sherwin went to the rescue. Unable to effect a rescue or recover the body,
and becoming exhausted, the pastor sank.  Other boy Scouts on the bank with whom Sherwin had gone on a hiking trip, were unable to
help the pastor and ran for aid. Men who answered, recovered both bodies.  Sherwin leaves a wife and two children.

November 16, 1923 from the Sheboygan Press.
- Dr. J. H. Dawley, who was born in this city sixty-nine years ago, died at his home in Laona after an illness of several months.  He had
resided in Laona for several years.

March 15, 1927 from the Appleton Post Crescent.
- Crandon - The body of Allen McDonald, 30, of Blackwell, who was lost in a severe snow storm last winter while walking from a hunting
camp to Laona, was found by searchers Monday afternoon just a few yards from where the hunt was given up when deep snow made
travel difficult for the posse last January.
- Mr. McDonald, an ex-service man was suffering from ill health as a result of a gas attack during the war and had been making his home
with his mother.  A brother, Herbert, and his mother survive.  An inquest was expected to be held at Laona Tuesday afternoon. 

September 5, 1929 from The Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh).
- Wabeno-Laona Airways, Inc., of Laona was granted incorporation papers by the state department with permission to sell 200 shares of
stock at $25.00 each.  The corporation's business was listed as "operation and sale of aircraft," by the incorporators, F. Newton,
M.L. Dunn, E. Grumann, C.J. Irish, and F. Bohman.

February 20, 1930 from the Appleton Post Crescent.
- Mr. and Mrs. E. Krueger, who have had charge of the Murray department store since it was started last summer, have gone to Laona,
where Mr. Krueger will be manager of the store there.

June 13, 1930 from the Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh)
- Beloit, Wisconsin - Carl Thortenson today said he ahd been signed as coach at Laona high school.  He started in basketball and
football at Beloit College.

October 13, 1930 from the Appleton Post Crescent.
- Laona - Robert Strout, 24, is the first victim of the hunting season.  Accidentally discharging his gun, he was fatally wounded and died
last night.

October 28, 1930 from the Sheboygan Press.
- John Message, Jr., 7, Laona, was drowned late Saturday afternoon in the Connor mill pond where he had been playing with several other
small boys.  The children were playing on the logs and John slipped into the water.  His body was recovered in 20 minutes.

January 28, 1931 from the Appleton Post Crescent.
- Madison – Two cent fares will go into effect will go into effect on the Madison to Platteville and Lancaster and the Green Bay to Laona
sections of the Northwestern road February 1, officials of the road announced today. The 2-Cent fare represents a 45 per cent reduction
over the regular 3.6 cent per-mile rate.  The new fare will be effective for three months. 
- According to C.A. Cairns, passenger traffic manager, the railroad has lowered the rate in a test to discover whether lower rates are
advisable.  “If the fares prove to be a success on the lines chosen, the experiments will undoubtedly be extended to other parts of the
Northwestern system,” Mr. Carins said.

January 27, 1937 from the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune.
- Laona, WI - Search for two Laona youths missing since a week ago today was ended late yesterday when the bodies of Bernard
      Oettinger, 21, and John Pierce, 20, were found in Oettinger's car at the bottom of Silver Lake near here in 15 feet of water.  The
      automobile had broken through thin ice at a spot on the lake where ice recently had been cut.  It was believed Oettinger had miss-judged
      his direction in crossing the lake.

September 26, 1939 from the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern.
- Warden Ernest Meress of Wausau has been transferred to Laona.  The Wabeno District Headquarters has been shifted to Laona to
facilitate enforcement duties.  

April 3, 1930 from the Forest Republican.
- Charles Smith, who has been superintendent of the poor farm the past year, moved back to the city Tuesday.  Ray Alderton of Laona has
been appointed in his place.

March 11, 1931 from the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune.
- As part of their 1931 program, Jr. Forest Rangers of Laona will plant 10,000 seedlings obtained from the state nursery at Trout Lake.

December 9, 1935 from the Forest Republican.
- Ernest Barnes of Crandon began operations at his camp four and a half miles north of Laona.  The camp employs about 20 men and
consisted mainly of cutting pulp and cedar for the Holt Lumber Company.

May 3, 1945 from the Forest Republican.
- The senate approved the nomination of John H. Irish as postmaster at Laona.  Mr. Irish succeeded Henry Kazmierczk, who had been
acting postmaster since Dr. W.H. Brown's resignation from that position.

November 13, 1947 from the Forest Republican.
- Chet J. Irish of Laona was elected Forest county highway commissioner by the Forest county board of supervisors.  It was believed to be
the first time a former highway commissioner was ever was re-elected with opposition in the history of Wisconsin.

November 11, 1948 from the Forest Republican.
- At the regular November session of the Forest County board of supervisors meeting Selmer Jacobson was elected as the county highway
commissioner, over C.J. Irish, incumbent.

February 25, 1954 from the Forest Republican.
- The Connor Lumber and Land Company of Laona won first place honors among industrial motor vehicle fleets of its size in the 1953
Wisconsin Motor Vehicle fleet safety contest sponsored by the safety division of the state motor vehicle department.

November 7, 1957 from the Forest Republican.
- The Reverend Henry Halinole, 80, a former pastor of churches at Crandon, Goodman, Laona and Wabeno, among others died at
Sheboygan hospital.

September 15, 1960 from the Forest Republican.
- Floyd "Red" Milhalko of Laona was serving as constable for the Town of Laona until the board appointed a permanent marshal.

February 20, 1964 from the Forest Republican.
- Ed Bradle, Laona, retired after 50 years service with Connor Lumber and Land Company.  He was given a 50-year official award plaque
by the company.

December 30, 1965 from the Forest Republican.
- Leonard "Curley" Ammerman sold his Uptown Service Station at Laona to Arleigh Yeager.  Mr. Ammerman had operated the business
for 20 years.

September 17, 1970 from the Forest Republican.
- Reverend Sylvester Stern was quest of honor at a Parish Dinner at St. Leonard's Church hall in Laona, on the occasion of his completing
25 years of service to the Laona Parish.

May 3, 1984 from the Forest Republican.
- A birthday party for Verlin Starks who was 81 on May 1st was held at the Laona Community Building on April 29th.  It is believed that
Verlin is the oldest man in Laona who was born in this town and lived here all of his life.

Miscellaneous Laona Area News Items