Oconto, Wisconsin, July 23 (Special)  Eighteen miles of rail are to be laid on the new roadbed along the Wisconsin Northern railroad north of Wabeno, work to commence next week.  Twenty carloads of rails are now on the sidetrack at Wabeno.  The company has recently commenced to colonize its lands surrounding Wabeno and several German families from Milwaukee were recently located on property in that vicinity.

(July 24)  The above article is very properly headed “Railroads Colonizing,” as it is the purpose of the management of the Northwestern railway to run in a big crew this fall, ostensibly to lay track, but really to vote in November for the men who will bow their knee to the Northwestern railway company and kiss its ugly image.  The people of Forest county are becoming used to this sort of thing, as, ever since the land conspirators divided the county and lopped off nearly all its people, the Northwestern has been in the habit of running in to each election at Armstrong Creek a trainload of hobos and what-nots to control town elections.  This thing has worked so smoothly and successfully that the same corporation will apply its little plan to county matters.

Well, such things may work well and for a time but a day of fiery retribution will come to them, then woe to the men who have winked at such iniquity and have sold out their constituents for passing favors, in order that this great robber of the peoples rights, the Chicago & Northwestern Railway Company might have a free hand to do as it pleases with the interests of the county and the rights of its people.

“The mills of God grind slow, but they grind exceeding small.”       

Railroads Colonizing – Tracks Being Laid in Unsettled Oconto Territory.
From the Forest Republican – Thursday, July 28, 1898