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The Frank and Mary (Walburga) Bradle Family
by Cheryl Ann (Bradle) Suastegui, (great-granddaughter)
The Frank Xavier and Mary (Walburga) Bradle  Family circa 1935.                                                                              Bradle Family Photo
    1. Len,  2. Mary,  3. Frank,  4. Mary,  5. Clara,  6. Bill,  7. Tony,  8. Frank,  9. John,  10. Joe,  11. Ed,  and 12. Leo.                                                                         
The Bradle (Bredl) Family Comes to Laona circa 1901

Frank Xavier (Franz Xaver) Bradle (Bredl) and Mary Walburga (Roble) Bradle

Frank Xavier Bradle was born on September 10, 1864 in Eisenstein, Bohemia.  He left his 
homeland and arrived in New York around 1883.  Frank settled in Wood County Wisconsin 
where he worked in the lumber industry.  Frank's father, Jon (Johann) Bradle (Bredl), was 
born in Eisenstein, Bohemia about 1822.  Jon boarded the Spree in Bremen and arrived in 
New York on October 15, 1891.  He joined his son Frank Xavier Bradle in Wood County 
Wisconsin.  Jon was accompanied on his journey by his wife Rosalia Hellinger, also born 
in Eisenstein, Bohemia in August 1825.  She passed away either during the journey or 
shortly after their arrival.  Jon passed away sometime around 1900. Frank married Mary 
Walburga Roble around 1884.  Around 1901, they moved to Laona, Forest, Wisconsin and 
were one of the pioneer families of Laona.  Frank and Walburga had ten children; Anton, 
Frank, John, Joe, Mary, Ed, Leo, Clara, Bill and Len.  Frank passed away on August 27, 
1944.  Walburga passed away August 5, 1945.  They were laid to rest in Laona cemetery,

                                                                          Edward (Ed) Joseph Bradle and Winnie Frances (Sherrick) Bradle

                                                                         Edward J. Bradle was born on June 10, 1896 in Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin.  He moved to
                                                                          Laona, Forest, Wisconsin with his parents around 1901.  Ed began working at the age of 14
                                                                          for the Connor Lumber and Land Company and continued working for the company for 50
                                                                          years.  Ed worked as mill superintendent for the last 15 years of his career. Upon retirement,
                                                                          Ed served as tour guide for the next five years conducting tours of the mill.    He married
                                                                          Winnie Frances Sherrick.  Winnie was born June 24, 1898 in Miner Town, Vernon County,
                                                                          Wisconsin.  They had three children; Donald, Francis and Richard.  Donald married Marion
                                                                          Medenwaldt of Laona, Forest County, Wisconsin.  Richard married Joan Allen of Laona,
                                                                          Forest County, Wisconsin.  Ed passed away on September 25, 1975.  Winnie passed away
                                                                          on November 8, 1975.  Ed and Winnie were laid to rest in Laona Cemetery.

Francis (Fran) Leo Bradle and Virginia Lavonne (Carpenter) Bradle 

Fran Bradle was born on June 4, 1921 in Laona, Forest County, Wisconsin.  He 
served his country in the U.S. Coast Guard during WWII, primarily in the Pacific 
Theater. Fran married Virginia Lavonne Carpenter in January of 1942.  Virginia was 
born on October 10, 1923 in Eagle River, Vilas County, Wisconsin.  They had four 
children; Mike, Dennis, Bonnie and Cheri.  Fran and Virginia moved to Chicago, 
Cook, Illinois in 1957.  Fran passed away on December 5, 2001.  He was laid to 
rest in Laona Cemetery.  Mike (Michael) Bradle, Dennis Bradle, Bonnie Bradle 
Stasack were born in Laona, Forest County, Wisconsin. Cheri (Cheryl) Bradle 
Suastegui was born in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.  They have a total of 8 children 
and 5 grandchildren. 

Bradle Family Photos

Frank Xavier and Mary Walburga (Roble) Bradle
circa 1925.                      Bradle Family Photo
Edward and Winnie (Sherrick) Bradle with sons 
 Don and Fran circa 1925.  Bradle Family Photo
Francis and Virginia (Carpenter) Bradle - 1942
                                              Bradle Family Photo
(L-R) Fran Bradle, Don Bradle, Winnie (Sherrick) Bradle, and Ed Bradle holding Dick Bradle circa 1933.                                                  Bradle Family Photo
Fran Bradle (L) and Don Bradle (R) - 1924.      Bradle Family Photo  
(L-R)  Fran Bradle,  Mike Bradle,  Virginia ((Carpenter) Bradle,  Ed Bradle,  
Dick Bradle,  Winnie (Sherrick) Bradle,  Marion (Medenwaldt) Bradle, and Don Bradle - 1943.                                                           Bradle Family Photo
(L-R)  Don Bradle,  Fran Bradle, Virginia (Carpenter) Bradle,  Victoria Alderton and Marion Medenwaldt (Bradle) - 1942.  Bradle Family Photo
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(L-R)  Ed Bradle,  Winnie (Sherrick) Bradle,  Virginia (Carpenter)Bradle,  Mike
 Bradle (child), Fran Bradle,  Marion (Medenwaldt) Bradle, Don Bradle and Dick Bradle circa 1947.                                                                       Bradle Family Photo
(L-R)  Dick Bradle,  Don Bradle and  Fran Bradle circa 1960.
                                                                        Bradle Family Photo
(L-R)  Dennis Bradle,  Virginia (Carpenter) Bradle, Bonnie Bradle (infant) and
Mike Bradle - 1953.                                                 Bradle Family Photo
Ed and Winnie (Sherrick) Bradle circa 1916.
                                               Bradle Family Photo 
Mary Walburga (Roble) Bradle making soap circa 1923.
                                                  Bradle Family Photo
Fran Bradle circa 1928.
            Bradle Family Photo 
 Winnie & Ed Bradle - 50th Anniversary circa 1967.
                                                   Bradle Family Photo  
Bradle Clan at Goodman Park - August 2009.                                                                                                                              Bradle Family Photo
   1. Maris (Elano) Bradle  2. Sean Suastegui  3. Cheri (Bradle) Suastegui  4. Bonnie (Bradle) Stasack,  5. Dylan Giejda,  6. Dennis Bradle,  7. Joel Parker, 
   8. Scott Dussman,  9. Courtney Bradle,  10. Jennifer (Cowen) Bradle,  11. Mike Bradle Jr.,  12. Bobby Suastegui,  13. Mike Bradle Sr.,  14. Jim Giejda,
   15. Virginia Carpenter,  16. Katie Stevens,  17. Aislinn Stasack,   18. Gavin Giejda,  19. Laura (Bradle) Parker,  20. Sam Bradle,  21. Jack Bradle and
    22. Sandy (Bradle) Giejda.   
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Bradle Clan at Goodman Park - July 2006.                                                                                                                                       Bradle Family Photo
    1. Jim Giejda,  2. Dylan Giejda,  3. Sam Bradle,  4, Aislinn Stasack,  5. Rachel Stasack,  6. Gavin Giejda,  7. Sandy (Bradle) Giejda,  8, Courtney Bradle,
    9. Laura (Bradle) Parker,  10. Joel Parker,  11. Jack Bradle,  12. Maris (Elano) Bradle,  13. Cheri (Bradle) Suastegui,  14. Bobby Suastegui, 
    15. Sean Suastegui,  16. Bonnie (Bradle) Stasack,  17. Bekki Stasack,  18. Mike Bradle Jr.,  19, Jennifer (Cowen) Bradle,  20. Dennis Bradle 
    and 21. Mike Bradle Sr.

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