Laona Genealogy and Family History Resources
Welcome!    This page is designed to aide those who are researching  families with a connection to the Town of Laona, Forest County, Wisconsin.  It is hoped that the information displayed on this site will be of value to you.    We welcome any photos or information you wish to provide.
Laona Cemetery Records

It is our goal to document every grave in the Laona Cemetery.  Currently there are over 825 graves identified, most with headstone
photos, and some with obituaries and photos of the individual attached.  These records can be viewed at Find-A-Grave.Com
This site contains millions of grave registrations and can also assist you in finding your non-Laona family members.  


Obituaries for individuals known to be buried in the Laona Cemetery are posted on Find-A-Grave.Com                           .
Below are copies of obituaries of former Laona residents not known to be buried in the Laona Cemetery.



Laona Census Records

Based on the 1905, 1910, 1920 and 1930 census records for the Town of Laona we are in the process of creating an alphabetical
listing of all individuals documented on those records.  This is a very labor intensive task and is expected to take up to a year to
complete.  Keep in mind that the census records are a "snapshot in time" and only show the residents living in the Township of
Laona at the time of the census.  Be aware that many individuals and families may have lived in Laona between these reporting
dates and that the township boundaries changed during the period reflected by these reports.  Also, note that names were often
spelled incorrectly, if a woman was married she was listed under her married name, and that there may have been individuals who
avoided the census for personal reasons. 

This index lists the Individuals Name, Birthplace (if shown), Estimated Birth Year and identifies which census the individual
appears on.  The original census records typically show Father's Name, Father's Birth PlaceMother's Name, Mother's Birth Place,
Marital Status, Race, Sex, Household Members and Neighbors.



Laona Veterans

A listing of WWI and WWII Veterans taken from the 1980 student research project "Memories of Forest County"

Laona Veteran Photos with brief background information such as branch of service, dates of service and rank. This is an ongoing
project and photos will be added as they are received.  Please contact us if you have photos and information to add.


Laona High School Graduates

This section lists by year Laona High School Graduates including a photo of each graduate.  This is an ongoing project and will
take time to eventually include all Laona graduates through 1970. 

Laona Area Family Connections

This section is designed to display the various relationships between early Laona families. These charts help identify how
Laona Area Family Connections have developed over the years.  Most charts show three generations of linked families
and several charts have photos added. 

Laona Area Pioneer Families
Featured are some of the families that arrived in the Laona area prior to 1920 and remained for more that 60 years.  There is a brief
narrative history and photos for each of the Laona Area Pioneer Families included in this section.

Interviews, Recollections and Personal Stories

This section contains a collection of Interviews, Recollections and Personal Stories related to the early history of Laona.

Books and Publications

This section provides information about Books and Publications related to early Laona history.

Links to Related Sites

The following links may be of assistance to those who have interest in Laona area history.

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  departments including the Register of Deeds office.
Forest County Historical Society   A site dedicated to preserving Forest County History.

Forest County, WI Genealogy Web   A site dedicated to Forest County genealogy research
                                                              containing information related to the Laona area .

Forest County, WI Genealogy Forum   Message board for those doing genealogy research related
                                                                 to Forest County.

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