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      What People Are Saying About www.LaonaHistory.Com 
 "Really enjoyed your website...Lots of great pictures!"
​        John Lampereur  -  June 16, 2008 
 "I always wondered what Starks Settlement was, now I know!   Great job!!!!!"
        Brian Oelhafen  -  May 25, 2008 
 "I really appreciate someone working on a site about Laona History.  It is very interesting and I hope 
  you can continue to add more. Thank You."
​          Dianne (Lane) Stage  -  September 5, 2008
 "Thanks to all those to contributed to the "Laona History" site.  Wonderful collection of history, photos, and
​          Pat Conley  -  October 24, 2008
 "I have been enjoying your website on a regular basis, anytime a get a few minutes to spare.  I particularily 
  like the stories told by the "old timers" of early Laona."
​        John Lester  -  May 30, 2008 
 "I enjoyed talking with you Sunday and so pleased about the web site.  Wonderful initial photo and great
  that  you are doing it."     
        Helen Laird  -  May 21, 2008 
 "I am very impressed by your site and if its ok with you, I will be adding your page to our links list."
        Michelle Gobert, Forest County Historical & Genealogical Society  -  February 12, 2008 
 "Laona residents and researchers now have a fantastic online resource available to them highlighting the
   early history of the Laona area.   www.laonahistory.com is maintained by John Irish and features a 
   collection of personal accounts, newspaper articles, and photos depicting the people and places of 
   early Laona.  Currently this web site consists of over 95 pages and more than 520 images.  The site is
   designed to function as a “Community Scrapbook” highlighting early history in the Laona area."  
​         Forest County Historical Society Newsletter  -  Summer 2008
 "I have really enjoyed your Laona web site, brings my family to life for me!"
​        Lori Potts  -  May 30, 2008 
 "Great job - We've enjoyed the site and appreciate all the hard work you've put into it." 
​          Nancy & Don Schroder  -  November 2, 2008
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 "The website is looking great as always.  It is wonderful to see all the amazing pictures and information
   people have been sending your way.  I even passed the address on to a newly found, distant cousin in
  Virginia - she loved it."
​           Kathy (Schultz) Wetenkamp - February 07, 2009
 "This website is very cool to look at.  I found it very interesting to see old photos of my grandfather, Dale
   Slimmer.  Also to see what the town looked like back then."
​          David Prelwitz - January 20, 2009 
 "Thanks for adding the “Recent Updates” page, it makes it much easier to find new items."
             Jeff Stauber - February 22, 2009
 " Love your website .... I only wish my grandmother had lived ot see your website .... she would have 
   loved it."
               Cherl Long - May 08, 2009
 "You have done a wonderful job on the Laona History Page... it is just GREAT." 
              Linda Sue Cox-Wildes - May 16, 2009
Early History
Photo Album
Contact & Links

 "I very much appreciate all the work you are doing to preserve our history in Laona." 
             Jean Aschenbrenner - August 09, 2009
 "I think you have done a great job." 
           Lynn Chadek - August 19, 2009
 "I just had the pleasure of looking through the Laona History web site you have put together, and was most
   impressed with all that you have found and put together so nicely!   I'm still in the process of reading 
   thru every page, finding relatives and lots of "shirttail" relatives, and learning many new things about the 
   town where I was born...."
​          Pat (Kaatz) Wamsley - September 5, 2009
 "The website is great!!  You have apparently invested a great deal of time on the project and have definitely
   generated a quality product.."
​           Steve Carter - September 11, 2009
 "What a great web site.  Laona was a great town to grow up in, the people looked out for each other, it 
  was a true community.   This web site is so great, keep up the wonderful work."
​            James Curtin  - September 15, 2009
 "History buffs will love laonahistory.com.  You don't have to be a Laona resident to appreciate the work that
 former resident John Irish has put in to saving the history and heritage of his old hometown.  Irish is always
 looking for photos, and he considers the web site a scrapbook for everyone to be involved in, so log on and
 add your own old Laona pictures."                        
              Pioneer Express - Volume 24, No.27, October 26, 2009 
 "I had not heard about this site, but caught it in the Pioneer Express... but, as the art teacher here in Laona, 
  I will certainly pass the word on to students and staff.  Very nice job!!!   Most appreciative... "
              Larry Seiler - October 26, 2009
"I just stumbled across this web site and am so thrilled.  I just emailed the link to my parents and also called 
 to tell them about it.  Thanks for all the hard work." 
         Jodi Collins Lieske - January 14, 2010  
"Wonderful Idea, this site is perfect and I can see more information added once people realize it's available. 
  Great History. "
       Michael Lewis  - December 17, 2009  
"WOW!  The class of 1941 page looks great!  I love how you "matted" and put "photo corners" on each photo.    Thanks so much!" 
          Cheri Bradle  - November 29, 2009
"I came across this website unexpectedly and was quite surprised. I had googled my great-grandmother's
 name and this site popped up.  It's always interesting to learn a little more about your heritage. I enjoyed
 your site!"
         Carrie Braswell - July 16, 2010  
"I got a kick out of seeing a picture on your website of my uncle in the section about the mill.  There was also
 a picture of my grandfather's store.  It's so neat to actually see the things you hear about from family." 
           Mary Crow  - May 23, 2010  
" I think your web-site is fantastic!  What a project you have undertaken!  The pictures are wonderful, and 
 the genealogy is really great !"
         Cate Dellin - February 24, 2010  
"I have been looking at your site, "and what a very detailed site it is" I have been looking for my father's father for the past ten years trough Ancestery.com and other sites I had to pay for. Then one night I was just searching for my dad's family and your page popped up."
        Donald J Karl Jr. - Feburary 02, 2011 
"Thank you, I was so surprised to find so much information about my history."
        Joan McHugh Rabe - November 27, 2010
"I like this Laona web site!  Nice job...... Thanks for making this great web site!"
       Joe Simanis - August 08, 2010

"after about 40 years of researching US railroads, much of it on the net, I consider your website as one 
of the best.  I highly appreciate the care and time that went into putting it together. The collection of 
photographs is marvelous and gives a rounded picture. .....I'd like to say a big Thanks for your effort, 
a true find." 
          Mario Bernkopf,  Weinstadt Germany - January 10, 2012  
"Your site is extremely interesting. Thank you doing all the work to set it up."  
           Marilyn Collins -  February 24, 2012
“I came across this site today just nosing around and what a treasure ..... I graduated in 1979 …… The
 memories just came rushing back. I especially enjoyed the high school pictures and am hopeful you 
can find the pictures to complete the years you don't have yet.”
           Jeff Peterson - Jan 26, 2012
“I just discovered, and really appreciate your wonderful site.”
           Agnes Cecilia (Warren) Jones - June 6, 2012  
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