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Casterton's Store and Home (Lower Town) Laona, Wisconsin circa 1915.
                                                                         Eggbrecht Family Photo
William Gruman's Store (Lower Town) Laona, Wisconsin.    
                      Photo from the research project  "Memories of Forest County".
U.S. Forest Service Ranger Station Office
Laona, WI  - 1938                           Van Hefty Family Photo
U.S. Forest Service Ranger Station Garage
Laona, WI  - 1938              Van Hefty Family Photo
Effie (Starks-Irish) Zahringer's Restaurant (Lower Town) Laona, Wisconsin circa 1914.                                                                            Sturzl Family Photo
       This building located near the Rat River bridge was Dr. Elliott's garage untill 1913, Effie Zahringers restaurant  between 1913 and 1930,  Chet and
       Blanche Klover's restaurant and bar between 1930 and 1965.  In 1965 it became a tavern owned by Ken Collins.  This building was located next to 
      the Riverside Hospital which became the Zahringer Boarding House.
Cabin Oil Company Gas Station (Lower Town) Laona, Wisconsin circa 1930.            
                                                                                                           Sturzl Family Photo  
Henry & Rose Meneau's Ice Cream Parlor (Lower Town) Laona circa 1923.                                                                                          Sturzl Family Photo
Building was located on the N/W corner of Linden and Elm streets.  The building was a tavern owned by Matt Zahringer and was sold to the
          Meneau's in 1921.  It was turned into an ice cream parlor during proabition and in the late 20's into a grocery store.    
Livery Stable (Up Town) Laona circa 1915.                                                                                                                                       Sturzl Family Photo
Al Masse's Garage (Lower Town) Laona, Wisconsin circa 1938.  Al is shown in the photo.
                                                                                                       Irish Family Photo
   Early Laona Business
Laona Bank (left) & the Hotel Gordon (right) - (Up Town) Laona, Wisconsin circa 1926.
Inside View of Casterton's Store (Lower Town) Laona, Wisconsin.                                                                                                        Carter Family Photo  
Casterton's First Store (Lower Town) Laona, Wisconsin circa 1908.                                                                                                     Sturzl Family Photo
Connor's First Store (Up Town) Laona, Wisconsin - 1908.                                                                                                                Stauber Family Photo
Phillip Zahringer's Store (Lower Town) Laona, Wisconsin circa 1910.                                                                                                       Irish Family Photo
Casterton's Store (Lower Town) Laona, Wisconsin circa 1912.                                                                                      Eggbrecht Family Photo
Early History
Photo Album
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Laona State Bank                                                          Bradle Family Photo
Roseman Resturant, Laona, Wisconsin (Up-Town)                                                                                   Photo: Camp Five Museum Foundation 
Biever Motor Company, Laona, Wisconsin (Up-Town) circa 1930                                                                             Photo: Camp Five Museum Foundation 
Connor Builders Supply Warehouse #1, Laona, Wisconsin
                                                 Photo: Camp Five Museum Foundation