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 Laona Hospitals & Doctors
Ovitz Hospital - Laona, Wisconsin circa 1925.                                Irish Family Postcard

Riverside Hospital - Laona, Wisconsin 
The Riverside Hospital built in 1902 is believed to be Laona's first hospital .  
It later became a boarding house operated by Effie (Starks-Irish) Zahringer.  The building was razed in 1964.  

The photo to the left was taken circa 1914.
Doctor Dawley - Laona's Second Doctor.
                                 Carter Family Photo
Doctor Ernest Ovitz   
          Laona's fourth Doctor  1914-1950.
                                                     Olive Glasgow Photo
Doctor E.F. Castaldo 
    Laona doctor circa 1946-1983.
                         Photo from the Forest Republican 
Dr. Roderic S. Elliott - Laona's third Doctor.               Carter Family Clipping
Carter Family Document
Irish Family Document
The Eau Claire Leader - March 26, 1921.
Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune - March 28, 1921.
Sheboygan Press - November 16, 1923.
Doctor Frank Lackner  - Laona's First Doctor.       
                                                             Doxey Family Photo 
Elliot Hospital - Laona, Wisconsin circa 1915.                               Irish Family Photo 
The Elliot Hospital was Laona's second hospital and was destroyed by fire in 1918.
Early History
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Daily Northwestern (Oshkosh) 
                                    March 22, 1918   
Ovitz Hospital - Laona, Wisconsin circa 1980.                                 Irish Family Photo
Ovitz Hospital - Laona, Wisconsin circa 1922.                 Photo: Town of Laona Collection
The Ovitz Hospital was Laona's third hospital and was constructed in 1920-21. 
Dr. Gordon Carroll    Laona Doctor 1939-1953