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Patrick and Laura (Danks) McHugh circa 1902.                                   Carter Family Photo
Patrick Henry McHugh was born in Columbiana County, 
Ohio, on October 15, 1839, son of Michael and Mary 
(McCoy) McHugh.  At the age of eight, Patrick accompanied 
his parents, siblings (eleven born in all) and grandparents to 
Wisconsin where on July 4, 1847, they would become one 
of the first families to settle in the soon to be town of 
Caledonia, Waupaca County, Wisconsin just outside New 

When their father died in 1856,  the children still at home 
assumed the responsibilities of managing and operating the 
large farm owned by their mother.  The year 1863, however, 
sent four McHugh sons, including Patrick, and an uncle 
into the midst of the Civil War.  Patrick served for almost a 
year before being honorably discharged with physical 
ailments due to the harsh conditions he fought in.  These 
problems would continue to plague him throughout his life.  
The remaining McHugh boys returned home at war’s end, 
but without their Uncle James, who died in Cornith, 
Misssissippi of disease.

On June 28, 1870, Patrick married Laura Mary Danks, daughter of Eli and Susan (Cannon)
Danks, who was born August 25, 1851 in Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin.  Together, the
McHughs had eight children:  Johanna, James “Jim”, Samuel, Anna, Morgan, Addie, Patrick
“Murphy” and Cecilia all born in Waupaca County.

Patrick and Laura continued in farming pursuits in Caledonia and surrounding areas until the late
1890’s, when he accepted a job delivering supplies and groceries to remote northern Wisconsin
lumber camps by wagon.  In 1900, he decided to move his wife and younger children to one of
these secluded areas that in the years following would be named Laona.  The McHughs stayed
with cousins, the John Delamater family until they completed construction of their own home. 

Laura became school teacher for the settlers' children in a one room building where students used
the large windowsills as makeshift desks.  Four of the McHugh children: Addie, Jim, Morgan and
Cecilia remained there the rest of their lives.

Laura McHugh passed away from cancer November 5, 1907.  Patrick lived the remainder of his
long life in Laona with his children and grandchildren, but deeply missed the beloved wife he
always referred to as “My Laurie”.  He died July 9, 1931 at the home of his daughter Anna Gropp
in Marinette, Wisconsin.

Patrick and Laura’s Children

Johanna McHugh - (1871-1881) Johanna was born November 15, 1871, the first child of Patrick and Laura McHugh. She died at the age of nearly ten years on April 20, 1881 in Caledonia, Waupaca County of unknown causes.

James “Jim” McHugh - (1873-1952 ) Jim was born September 5, 1873. He married Anna Martha Zutz in Gillett, Oconto County, Wisconsin, June 29, 1909. Anna was born December 24, 1880 in West Prussia to August and Florentina Zutz. The couple moved to Laona in 1910 shortly after the death of their stillborn son on May 1st of that year. They later had two more boys: Carl Andrew Morgan McHugh who died of an epileptic seizure in Laona at the age of 8 on January 19, 1924 and Edmund Otto August McHugh born July 7, 1911 who lived his adult years in an institution when he was found to not be of sound mind. He died in Shawano, Wisconsin May 1979. Jim owned a dairy farm south of Laona and for many years took on the task of digging graves with his brother Morgan. Anna had to be placed in the Shawano County Asylum early on in their 
marriage and died there of cancer October 3, 1945. James died when his Laona home in lower town caught fire on June 11, 1952.

Samuel Eli McHugh - (1875 -1959) Sam was born September 29, 1875 and lived in Waupaca and
Outagamie Counties throughout his life. His first marriage took place May 11, 1897 to Mary Thibeau who
died April 4, 1899 of consumption, almost three months after giving birth to their first born son January 28th.
The baby named Joseph Sampson McHugh soon followed his mother in passing on May 12, 1899. Sam
later married Ms. Katie M. Moder born April 18, 1882 in Dale, Wisconsin and together they had three
children: Arthur, Francis and Lorraine. Katie passed away of old age in New London , November of
1972. Sam died in Clintonville, Wisconsin, March 27, 1959, after a long illness.

Anna Malisia McHugh (Lehman-Stubblefield-Dawley-Gropp) (1878-1970) Annie was born March 3,
1878. She was a strong-willed, independent woman who ended up marrying (the family believes) four times.
She had two children: Patrick and Anna Lehman with her first husband, Peter between 1897-1899 and
daughter, Susan Gropp with her last husband Henry around 1916. Annie died on January 28, 1970.

Charles “Morgan” McHugh (1880-1960) Morg was born October 21, 1880 He stayed in 
Laona his entire life and worked in area lumber camps and on his own in the trade. Morgan 
never married. He died January 5, 1960 in Laona outside the door of his home in the early
morning hours. Although never thoroughly investigated by police, family members say he 
was robbed by two area men and left for dead.

Laura “Adelaide” Mary McHugh (Eggebrecht) (1885-1960)  Addie was born March 19, 
1885. In 1908, she married Charles Eggebrecht, who served as one of the Connor 
Company’s blacksmiths and as a leader in the CCC Camps.  Addie kept house for her 
husband and was mother to their only child, Laura (Faivre) born April 9, 1909 and died 
April 1985. The Eggebrechts remained in Laona all their lives.  Addie died on April 7, 
1960 in Laona.

Patrick Aloysius “Murphy” McHugh (1887-1960)
“Murphy“, as he was called, was born May 15, 1885. He worked
various jobs throughout his life, but was a well digger by trade. He
later was a cheese maker in the Oshkosh area where he resided
for the last 30 years of his life. Murphy married Louise Eggebrecht
on December 2, 1911 in Butternut, Wisconsin. Together they had
two children: Donald and Gertrude. Patrick went on to marry two
other times before his death on February 3, 1959 due to his failing

Cecilia Alida McHugh (Webb) (1890- 1988) Cecilia, the youngest of the McHugh children was born June 9, 1890. She was ten years old when the family moved to Laona and remained there to raise her own family. She married Leon Harvey Webb, son of Nathan and Annie (Doubleday) Webb in 1910. Leon, a kind and gentle man, was born February 6, 1888, and worked for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad until his retirement. He passed away on October 27, 1966. For the next 22 years, Cecilia continued to live alone and tend to her home. The couple had eight children: Agnes (Carter), Leonard, Leon, Willard “Nick”, Audrey (Greenman), Wilma (LaBine), Edward, and Larry. She died in 1988 at the age of 98.

Patrick McHugh circa 1918.       Carter Family Photo
Sam & Katie (Moder) McHugh (seated) Wedding circa 1915.   Carter Family Photo
Laura (Danks) McHugh with one of 
her sons circa 1880's.
                                   Carter Family Photo
Morg McHugh & sister Addie McHugh circa 1908.
                                          Carter Family Photo
(L-R) Cecilia, Addie & Patrick A. McHugh - October 24, 1898.
                                                                                   Carter Family Photo
 There are additional photos of McHugh family 
 members on other pages of this web site.
James "Jim" McHugh with Oxen - Laona, Wisconsin circa 1905.   Carter Family Photo
Morgan McHugh with oxen in camp between Laona & Blackwell circa 1900.                                                                                         Carter Family Photo
Family Photos
 The Patrick and Laura (Danks) McHugh Family
by Kathy (Schulz) McLaughlin  
Jim & Anna (Zutz) McHugh Wedding
June 29, 1909.               Carter Family Photo
Anna M. McHugh circa 1920.
          Carter Family Photo
Leon and Cecilia (McHugh) Webb circa 1960.                                                                                                   Carter Family Photo
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