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  Laona Resident Photos Before 1915 
Leonard "Len" Sargent Sr. and his wife Nellie (Hughes) Sargent circa 1898.
                                        Sargent Family Photo
Patrick & Laura (Danks) McHugh circa 1902.           
      (See additional photos of  McHugh family  members in 
      the  Pioneer Families section.)         Carter Family Photo  
Matt & Effie (Starks) Irish - Zahringer 
circa 1900.            Irish Family  Photo 
Boon Tyra circa 1905.
                   Irish Family Photo
Chester & Martha (Eastman)
 Starks - Laona circa 1910.
 (See additional photos of Starks family  members in the Pioneer Families section.) 
John & Celia (Sarrasin) Doetsch - Laona 1904.                                                           Sarrasin-Lambert Family Photo 
Emma & Sam Potts - 1910. 
                       Potts Family Photo
Louis and Cordelia (Sarrasin) Welsch circa 1911.
    Sarrasin-Lambert Family Photo
Phil & Ethel (Fellion) Zahringer - 1909.
                                      Irish Family Photo   
Wayne and Emma (Patton) Tipton circa 1912.
                                                                                      Barnes Family Photo
Laona, Wisconsin 1914.                            Irish Family Photo
  1. Chester Irish,  2. John H. Irish,  3. Evelyn Tomany
  4. Mary (Betker) Irish,  5. Unknown  
         (See additional photos of Irish family members 
         in the Pioneer Families section.)     
Mollie Isabel circa 1910.
                              Irish Family Photo
W.D. and Mame Connor family - 1908
  1. Helen Connor (Laird)  2. Marian Connor (Rhyner)  3. Donald 
  Connor  4. William Duncan Connor II  5. Richard Connor  
  6. Huldah M. "Mame" (Witter) Connor  7. Constance Connor (Modrall)
  8. Gordon Connor and  9. William Duncan Connor.      
                                          Photo from the book "A Mind of Her Own" 
(See the Family Links section for information regarding the Connor family
5.                 6.                      7.                8.           9.
  1.                        2.                  3.                          4.
John Webb (L) & George Webb (R)  circa 1910.
                                                  Cox Family Photo
Blanch and Esther Webb circa 1914.      
                                                            Cox Family Photo
Lambert Family circa 1915 - Laona, Wisconsin.    
Ida (Sarrasin) with baby Ellen, Ed Jr., and Ed Sr. 
holding Don.              Sarrasin-Lambert Family Photo
William Guell circa 1907-1915
           From the research project  "Memories of Forest County"
Early Laona Settler - L.P. Marsh
         From the research project  "Memories of Forest County"
Thomas & Sarah Cox Family  - 1913.
  1. Sara(Gilley) Cox,  2. Thomas Eli Cox,
  3. Eva Cox (Goodman),  4. James D.
  Cox  and  5. Mary Cox (Jacobs).  
                                     Cox Family Photo
Nathan & Annie (Doubleday) Webb 
circa 1915.           Carter Family Photo 
 (See additional photos of Webb family members in the Family Links section.) 
June 19, 1914 - Laona, Wisconsin
   1. Flora Oettinger,  2. Sara O'Connor
   3. Jake Oettinger, 4. Matt Zolner,
   5. Lily Deau, 6. Romey Oettinger.   
                                 Sturzl Family Photo
1912                 Sturzl Family Photo
Clara and Clarence Cooley - Laona 1915                                  Sturzl Family Photo
George Hoffman circa 1910.
                                     Cox Family Photo
Fred Tomany  -  Henderson Bowling  -  Clark Osborn  -   Chet Irish
Laona, Wisconsin circa 1910.                           Irish Family Photo   
Edith Knuth (Snow) - 1915.
                 Mahn Family Photo
Adolph and Anna Slimmer.        Simmer Family Photos
1.  Unknown,  2. Pete Trottier,  3. Alan Ottinger,  4. Jake Ottinger,  5. Unknown, 
6. John Sturzl - Laona, Wisconsin                                               Sturzl Family Photo
Mary Ann (Roberts) Webb.
                       Cox Family Photo
Morgan "Morg" McHugh circa 1902.               Carter Family Photo
Charles Eggebrecht - 1904.     Carter Family Photo
Jena (?) Britton, Anna Bou____?, and Leon Keilzwski circa 1910.
(L - R)  Cora Sutherland,  Rosa __________ ,  Phil Zahringer,  &
 Frances Swanson.  Laona, Wisconsin             Irish Family Photo
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Joe Checota with Triplets - Laona circa 1905.       
      Joseph Jr., William &  Roderick.                Irish Family Photo
Walter W. and Hazel (Allender) Liesch circa 1905-1910.  
The couple came to Laona in 1914.            Ristow family Photos
(L-R) (Cora, Buford, Lawson, Ica and Bessie Teal.
                                                             Teal Family Photo
1. Walter, 2. Clarence, 3. Nora, 4. Guy,  5. Archie and 6. Sophia (Goodchild) Truckey.                                                                               Teal Family Photo
William Grumann circa 1908.
                      Grumann Family Photo
Mabel Bourassa circa 1909.
                                      Grumann Family Photo  
Anton and Anna Kokot circa 1907.
                                      Appelt Family Photo  
Minnie & Norman Johnson
circa 1900.   Wade Family Photo