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       Laona Resident Photos 1916-1930 
Archie and Rosie Potts Family - 1920.
1. Frank Potts, 2. Mable Potts, 
3. Elsie Potts, 4. Archie Potts, 
4b. Robert Potts, 5. Rosie Potts, 
6. Archie Potts Jr.  Potts Family Photo
Walter Kimball circa 1920.     Cox Family Photo
Walter and Myrtle (Webb) Kimball family circa 1917.                                                                  Cox Family Photo
1, George,  2. Dale,  3. Raymond,  4 Cora, 5. Ervin,  6. Gladys,  7. Phyllis,  8. Lucillie,  
9. Myrtle and  10. Walter.      (See additional photos of Kimball family members in the Family Links section.)
Ben and Lottie (Webb) Taylor family circa 1918.          Cox Family Photo
 Amelia Sarrasin circa 1917.
     Sarrasin-Lambert Family Photo
Christina Zahringer with Jack Dandy circa 1920.            Irish Family Photo
Jesse and Mary (Trice) Eastman Family circa 1920.       Listle Family Photo
Agnes (Kufner) Karl & William "Baldy" Karl - 1927.                                                      Karl Family Photo 
Laura Spencer (left) and her sister ___________ circa 1920.
Edward and Edith Snow Family circa 1923.                   Mahn Family Photo
1. Edith (Knuth) Snow  2. Raymond Snow  3. Irene Snow  
4. Thelma Snow ?  5. Edward Snow  6. Richard Snow  
and  7. Genevieve Snow.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Slimmer circa 1920.
                                          Irish Family Photo
1930 - Patrick H. McHugh holding his 
g-grandson  John L. "Jack" Carter.                                          Carter Family Photo 
Lew Sarett circa 1930.
   From the research project
     "Memories of Forest County"
Mike Redlich circa 1930.
                                    Karl Family Photo
Griff and Myrtle (Irish-Tomany) Milham & son Earl. circa 1922.
                                                            Irish Family Photo
Fred Elliott circa 1920.                                    Irish Family Photo
Evelyn Tomany (Masse)
circa 1930.  
Ellen Lambert circa 1930.
      Sarrasin-Lambert Family 
Amos Herman - 1927
          Karl Family Photo
Otto and Susanna (Rode) Lange circa 1916.
                                                                 Lange Family Photo
Phyllis Kimball (Cox) 1928.
              Cox Family Photo
Early History
Photo Album
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Otto K. Olson circa 1930
Winnie (Sherrick) & Edward Bradle circa 1917.                         Bradle Family Photo
Frank Xavier & Mary Walburga (Roble) Bradle circa.1925.  (See additional photos of Bradle family members in the Family Links section.) 
                             Bradle Family Photo
(L-R)  Guy Truckey,  Alvin (Goodchild or Perkins?),  Mabel Truckey,
Chummy & Nora Deau,  Clarence Truckey,  (Back Row)  Adela & Walter Truckey.                                           Teal Family Photo
(L-R) John Jr., Adolph, Kester, Bertha "Ruth" and Anna (Wayzon) Praninskas - Laona, WI  circa 1924.                                                      Simanis Family Photo 
Laona, Wisconsin circa 1925                                                Photo: Camp Five Museum Foundation
    1. Bert Bradley,  2. Jimmy Clavette,  3. Clarence Lemerande,  4. Unknown,  5. Bill Taylor, 
    6. Dewey Barnes and  7. Joe Collins. 
Maax Kaatz circa 1925.   Krawze Family Photo 
Adolph Praninskas circa 1927
                                    McGregor Family Photo